NV Foundation’ Objectives

The theme for NV Foundation is “Tender loving care” concept with filial piety as its core value. Through the concerted effort with other organizations, NV Foundation is able to implement these objectives — Lifelong Care, Charitable Activities, Culture and Education, and Health Management and Awareness in the community and the people.

Lifelong Care

Providing long-termed and committed care to the needy and under-privilege community.

Charitable Activities

Providing the social services and activities like volunteering services to the community, and helping the poor and needy in the various regions thereby assisting them to be independent besides attaining the resilient attitude towards life.

Culture and Education

Inculcating the family educational values like honouring the elderly, imparting the good moral values and ethics that ultimately would help in creating a more caring society.

Health Management and Awareness

For the future plan, a Health Awareness Village is mooted with objectives in helping the people to be self reliance by adopting the holistic in achieving improved and healthy lifestyle. Good health boosts up the quality standard of life to them.

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