How to Apply

  1. Application by introducer
    Introducer makes recommendations of user to the panel organizations, Introducers needs to fill up the Assessment Form given, and attached with the photocopy of Death Certificate and relevant documents pertaining to the user.
  2. Recommendation
    Panels Organization will determine the qualification. The qualified applicant(introducer) is to fill up the necessary Application Form given, The Application Form and relevant documents are to be submitted to NV Foundation for approval.
  3. Approval
    After receiving the Application Form, NV Foundation will proceed with the proper procedure for internal approving process. Confirmation letter and decision will be given within 24 hours of a working day upon approval. The holder of this Confirmation letter is to arrange for interment within 2 working days.

* NV Foundation reserves the final says and absolute rights to approve any of the recommendations.

Applicant Qualification

  1. All the applicants should submit and attach the photocopy of Death Certificate and relevant document pertaining to the user.
  2. The user is only for the Malaysians and non-Muslims only.
  3. The user’s total family income of not more than RM1,200 is eligible to apply.

Application Form Download

Application Assessment form

Application Form