About “Love & Care”

NV Multi Corporation Berhad (NV Multi) had distinguished itself as the leader but the successful Bereavement Care Provider in South East Asia. It is an opportune time for NV Multi to contribute back to the society by committing its corporate philosophy – “A tradition of Caring” through charitable causes.

Premise on such notion, NV Foundation was formed with its concept impregnated in “Tender loving care” formula that eventually give birth to the “Love & Care” Plan which is yet another worthy contribution to the communities.

“Love & Care” is instrumental in providing a free niche particularly for the poor and needy and/or any celibate person. NV Foundation will liase closely with the Panel Organizations in screening the eligible candidates to be the recipients of such benefit. With such concerted effort put in, the real needs of these communities are met and catered for successfully.

It is hoped that we had set a role model for others to emulate. We seek any corporation or organization who is able and willing to join hand in hand with us in building a loving and caring society.