Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore)

The Largest and Most Luxurious Memorial Garden in Singapore

Located at Old Choa Chu Kang, Nirvana is the first privatize memorial park in Singapore, which is 6-star and the most luxurious and modern columbarium in Singapore. Built with fully air-conditioned and the auspicious elements of Fengshui, Nirvana is a splendid place to provide customers with a total peace of mind.

Nirvana is a professional funeral service provider with modernized, comprehensive facilities and impressive renovations, to pass on and enhance the fine quality of Chinese bereavement products and services.

Nirvana, is indeed an excellent place to rest in peace.

Three-Buddha Praying Hall

The grand and majestic praying hall houses the 3 Buddha for worshippers to pray for ancestors’ blessings and protection for future generations. Elegant architecture brings out an air of refinement and a serene ambience.

The praying hall has the most advanced computerized color laser system and together with high-tech sound coordination, creates a spectacular scene.

Elegant Center Hallway

At the center hallways, the Buddha Statues guarding are set to enlighten visitors. Hallways with sumptuous embellishments and dignity closures remind the visitors of a 5-star hotel, so they can abandon the fear and sadness but instead cherish the memories and remembrance. In addition, the flowering environment reflects the beauty and creates an ambience of peace.

Also the contemporary urn compartment with blue and white theme, defines a sense of peace and goodness.

Serene Urn Compartments

The Urn Compartments, crafted from the finest materials and emphasizing a distinctive style, posses characteristic of serene and elegance.

Here, with a Buddha statue at the Columbarium, family members will receive infinite blessings, abundance of prosperity and longevity.

At the Compartments, the interior calm setting and chairs provide a suitable rest area for visitors. Leaving behind the sadness, family members can get together to foster, rest and relax.

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