Why are We different?

  • Excellent fengshui for good fortune, abundance & prosperity
  • Distinguished and exquisite garden-liked memorial Park
  • Each plot comes with spacious walkway for convenience in paying homage
  • Decorative pavilions amidst lush greenery for resting and avoid hot sun
  • Uniformed and neat arrangement of tombs
  • 0% interest instalment scheme to reduce your financial burden
  • Proposed perpetual sinking fund to ensure sustainable park management
  • 365-days operation and 24-hour security

 Benefit of Buying Advance

  • You are in charge of planning for your ideal final resting place at your wish.
  • You have ample time to plan in advance to avoid the pitfalls of a hasty decision.  
  • Pre – planning your funeral relieves your family members from unnecessary psychological burden.
  • You can prevent possible future family conflict and stress due to disagreement.
  • You get to enjoy the 0% installment plans to save even more in the long run.