Abundance and Prosperity

Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is blessed with all the good vibes that a Fengshui requires. It nestles within the embrace of the cosmic dragon to further demonstrate the utopian state of Nirvana by redefining noble aspirations. Feasting the eyes with a pleasant vista, NV Imperial sits snuggly in an environment fringed by seamless undulating mountains where eternal life flourishes. The dominant presence of ‘Wind’ and ‘Qi’ along the veins of the cosmic dragon makes it a Fengshui-perfect land of good fortunes.  

This is a land of plenty with endless invigorating charms, from breathtaking views to good Fengshui. It conjures up a picture of harmony and serenity, which asserts the noble status of this zone where people held in high regard find their noble resting place. Spiritually, Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is the much sought after Eden for the dignitaries who seek eternal prosperity for posterity.

Good Vibes Good Fortunes

A good Fengshui is governed by the settings of the surrounding mountains and water, just like how a person’s five-sense organs, face and body take shape. From ‘Face Reading’ point of view, if a person is blessed with distinguished features as seen on his face, he is believed to be a man of high calibre. Likewise, a good Fengshui that accompanies a resting place means prosperity for posterity. Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng boasts a good Fengshui environment consisting of five auspicious elements, namely ‘dragon’, ‘mountains’, ‘dragon’s lair’, ‘water source’ and ‘direction’ plus its very own conducive settings. It is specifically designed to exude good vibes and good fortunes.

In fond remembrance of the loved ones, Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng fuses all the best things its environment can offer into one single entity as you feast your eyes to the scenic surroundings presented by the undulating mountains, refreshing watercourse and green foliage.  Such a perfect setting for a spiritual interaction between humans and their environment as you pay homage to your loved ones with wholehearted wishes.

The spectacular Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng captures your heart with a stately presence. It is both heartfelt and earnest, hence paying homage to the departed is done with utmost respect and care. This invigorates the tradition of upholding the pride and faith bestowed upon the family. Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is thoughtfully paired with a Fengshui-perfect environment to impart abundance and prosperity to posterity. In other words, Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng seeks eternal blessings for posterity.