The Lake Side Columbarium

At Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng boasts a modern design and comes complete with 5-star facilities. The hall design adopts a bright colour scheme spiced up by a sea of colourful glazed tiles. Visitors can feel the ‘sparkle and lustre’ of this establishment right away the very moment they step in. The roof of the grand hall thrills visitors with an open-concept design that allows the natural sunlight to beam through while taking in the cool breezes as the view opens up. This conjures up a natural and harmonious atmosphere in a tranquil yet elegant setting. Look up to the blue sky and soak up the verdant surroundings, the weighty sentimental attachments are easing away instantly.

The very design of the columbarium speaks volumes about the exquisite craftsmanship in terms of style, detail and the overall artistry. The accompanying sculptures are simply magnificent. The glazed tiles installed on this classic architecture make the columbarium stand out just like that. Both the interior and exterior designs showcase the soul of Chinese art and culture, which are so breath-taking and awe-inspiring.

Buddhist / Taoist Columbarium


Christian Columbarium


Ancient Chinese Architecture Columbarium


Luxury Columbarium