Burial Plot

Zone Imperial – Super Family Lot (with customized tomb design)

“Extraordinary and Eminent”

Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng has reserved a limited number of Super Family Lots in the Imperial Zone, for our noble customers’ comprehensive and exclusive concepts of designing the final resting places for their beloveds, in which boast a regal appearance and nestle in an environment richly endowed with good Fengshui vibes. While riding on the veins of the dragon in Fengshui perspective, the Super Family Lots embrace every soul with peace and harmony in such a high esteemed layout. Fengshui-wise, this is the place that gives birth to outstanding people and a land of nobility and magnificence for distinguished individuals, making it a much-sought- after, highly treasured final resting place.

Approximate Size: 24 m x 16 m





Zone Imperial – Family Lot

“Elegant and Stately”

This is a memorial park for your entire family that offers a spiritually engaging space for you and posterity to hold your loved ones in remembrance. In addition, it immortalizes the illustrious history and glorious past of your family, which is a proud thing to cherish for, by your posterity. In other words, the Family Lots serve as places where you seek spiritual sustenance to commemorate the eminence of your family eternally. With the presence of endless good vibes in a well-defined, Fengshui-perfect layout, the environment of Nirvana Memorial Park meanwhile safeguards the posterity of your family while adding prominence to the credentials of your ancestors. 

Approximate Size: 12 m x 8 m 






Zone A – Standard Double Lot

“Refined and Unpretentious”

The standard double lot design is unpretentious. Derived from and inspired by nature, it just soaks up the beauty of nature. With a design profile that breathes a thoughtful tone into the art of garden landscaping, expect to be charmed by three noble humanities, namely ‘True, Kindness and Inner Beauty’. It lets the proud cultural devotion live on and be appreciated. Feel the pulses of life enlivened by the surrounding mountains and watercourse. The sparkles of eternal life spring constantly when ‘life’ and celestial beings cross path harmoniously.

Approximate Size: 6 m x 4 m 




Zone B – Combo Lot – Double Lot

Approximate Size: 4 m x 5.5 m




Zone D – Package Lot – Double Lot

Approximate Size: 3.6 m x 4.5 m




Zone D – Package Lot – Single Lot

Approximate Size: 1.8 m x 4.5 m