Nirvana making inroads into Thailand

Thumbs-up from Fengshui masters’ site visit 

Nirvana is accelerating its momentum of going global through a new footing in Thailand. Previously, Nirvana had already expanded its wings to Singapore. Nirvana branches and memorial parks are now a robust entity ready to take on the global stage.

In 2015 August, Asia’s renowned Fengshui expert, Master Chen Xiu Yu, together with his disciple, Master Phanuwat Phanwichartkul, one of top Fengshui masters from Thailand, made a site visit to Ban Bueng district (outskirts of Bangkok), where the new Nirvana Memorial Park is taking shape. Both Chen and Phanuwat contributed their invaluable tips on the establishment of this much anticipated memorial park.

Both the Fengshui masters had also given their thumbs-up to the choice of location, which boasts a dynamic Fengshui orientation, in sync with its natural surroundings. They are very convinced that the memorial park is capable of bestowing upon the proud buyers a good fortune for 29 years.

Nirvana appoints former lieutenant-general to make inroads into Thailand

Nirvana Asia Group is all geared up to make its debut in Thailand! The group has officially appointed the former lieutenant-general of the Royal Thai Police, Atitep Panjamanond (Pol. Lt. Gen. Atitep Panjamanond), as the Chairman for Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand to lead the charge. This marks the presence of Nirvana Asia Group in the funeral industry in Thailand. In an effort to distinguish itself from others, Nirvana is striving for utmost professionalism with innovative and high-quality funeral products and services portfolio.

An official signing ceremony was held on 14 March 2016 between Nirvana Asia Group and General Atitep for the appointment of the latter as the Chairman of Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand. The signing also marks a commitment to introducing breakthrough bereavement care services to the Thai market while at the same time, pushing the industry benchmarks to greater heights. The signing was witnessed by Nirvana Asia Group’s Founder and Managing Director, Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong; Executive Director,Reeno Kong Yew Lian; renowned Feng Shui master and Feng Shui consultant of Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand, Master Phanuwat; and other notable members of Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand including Aka Amah.

Commenting on the appointment of General Atitep during the signing ceremony, Reeno Kong said that: “I am very confident in such partnership. We are truly honoured and lucky to have signed up a good partner onboard the Nirvana team. General Atitep is such a well-respected figure across the Royal Thai Police fraternity for his bravery and wisdom. Having spent time together, we found out that both of us share a common goal, namely to provide family of the deceased a one-stop and full-of-care funeral services. This prompted the idea of partnership between us. We at Nirvana therefore extended our goodwill to appoint him as the Chairman of Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand. For us, this is such a remarkable honour.”

Reeno Kong added that: “Nirvana has been trailblazing the death care industry for 26 years and the group just keeps growing rapidly and steadily. Today, Nirvana has spanned its wings across different regions beyond Malaysia with footprints etched on the soil of  Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Medan and Jakarta.” Driven by the values of ‘honesty, professionalism and care’, the group aims to become the world’s No. 1 brand across the death care industry on an ambitious note.

Reeno Kong also highlighted that there is so much room for improvement for the funeral sector in Thailand during his study tour. What further encouraged him is that the locals would always demand for the best to rest their departed loved ones in peace. In view of this, Nirvana spotted a 253-rai, dynamically Feng Shui endowed land in Banbeung to establish the first ever world-class, privately run memorial park in Thailand. For added peace of mind, the forthcoming Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand will be taken care by a permanent management trust to ensure that the landscape, roads and other facilities are maintained on a perpetual basis. This is a form of peace-of-mind guarantee from Nirvana to its customers.

In addition to the international recognition and affirmation, Nirvana prides itself on providing a holistic suite of funeral services that caters to all walks of life. Customers may choose from the Super Family Lots, Family Lots, Double Lots, Single Lot and others on offer. Please rest assured that no matter what you choose, it’s a quality assurance that you get from Nirvana.

Reeno Kong also highlighted that Nirvana lives by the wisdom of giving back to the society of which it thrives on. The group is proud to announce a donation of 3,000 niches to the needy people, in conjunction with the institution of a columbarium at Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand. For Nirvana, the final journey of life must be accorded with utmost respect and dignity as it champions a caring and loving society.

Commenting on such partnership, General Atitep said: “This is such a highly anticipated partnership that I had been looking forward to. What lies ahead for me is to further foster the concept of ‘people first, service focus’ among the Thai people and industry players, covering as much as possible.”

According to General Atitep, assuming the role of the Chairman of Nirvana Memorial Park Thailand marks a new milestone in his life with many new challenges lying ahead. General Atitep commanded an illustrious career in the law enforcement sphere, driven by his selfless dedication, diligence and determination.

He strongly believes that for a man backed by nearly 40 years of vast experience in law enforcement, being a part of the big family of Nirvana is such a beautiful things in life. Moving forward, he is committed to nourishing the sustainability of such relationship. “Embracing new styles, new breakthroughs and new challenges in life marks another successful path in a new realm for me. I vow that I will work with Nirvana as closely as possible into the future. Many heartfelt thanks to Nirvana Asia Group for the faith entrusted to me.”