Nirvana Memorial Park Bang Bueng


Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng, a magnificent masterpiece by Nirvana Asia Group, the largest bereavement care provider in Asia, which has over 30 years of experience and has built over 17 memorial parks in more than 5 countries around the world.

The over-253 Rai Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is designed to be the grandest and most beautiful memorial park in Thailand that is truly first of its kind – wonderfully spacious, relaxingly cosy, and tranquilly comfortable, with wide roads and ample parking bays for the convenience of all visitors.

The tranquil and enthralling environment of the Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is a breathtaking union of the quiet elegance of nature’s wonders and the exquisite craftsmanship of intricate ancient architectures. It is a truly breathtaking paradise where the breeze is endless and the air is freshest.

Built on an auspicious land of exceptional Feng Shui, the burial park is embraced by lush greenery and blooming flowers. Water is all source of all life. The moat assembles the essences of life and, with the soothing whistling of its crystal-clear stream, offers the departed a path back to Mother Nature.

Large pavilions are thoughtfully allocated around the park, for visitors to rest their feet and immerse in the thoughts of their departed loved ones under cooling shades, among soft breeze.

There are package, combo, double, family and super family burial plots – meticulously and neatly organised final resting places in the arms of nature that keep deceased loved ones close to each other, even in the afterlife. Each plot comes with spacious walkway, lush greenery and posh landscaping would leave one gasping in awe.

As they transcend peacefully to eternal bliss, their memory will live on forever in the minds of their loved ones, for generations and for eternity…

Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng, where eternal peace begins.


Remembering your loved ones in an elegant and blissful land

            •           Superb Fengshui

            •           Exquisite Design

            •           Distinguished Environment

            •           Professional Services

            •           All-year-round Operation

            •           Easy Payment Schemes

            •           24-hour Security Service

            •           Proposed Permanent Maintenance Trust