Celebrity Memorial

1. Bai Guang Memorial

A musical Tomb in the shape of a piano for the remembrance of the late legendary Bai Guang is the first musical tomb in Malaysia.The Musical Tomb will play one of her famous songs”If  Without You” when one stands on stones and step fronting the piano. Today,the Bai Guang Memorial Tombs is well-known and has become one of the attraction spot to the visitors at Nirvana Memorial Park.

2. Dato’ Sim Memorial

Memorable publisher, accomplished calligrapher and education fighter Dato’ Sim Mow Yu has passed away at 9:15 pm on February 5, 2009 at the age of 97 years old.  The passing away of the renowned Chinese educationist is a big loss for the community and country.  His dedication to mother-tongue education is remarkable and his conviction remained steady despite many trials. At 91, Dato’ Sim Mow Yu seems to have accepted the fact that one does not live forever.

Sim, has even prepared a resting place for himself next to his late wife, at the Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih, Selangor. Sim had designed the grave himself. Sim was buried at Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih, where he was buried next to his wife Chen Guai Ai.  The grave comprised a 2.7m-high tombstone and slabs that recorded Sim’s life history as an advocate of Chinese culture and education which is a tribute to him.

3. Lim Fong Seng’s Memorial

Another noteworthy tomb is that of Lim Fong Seng, former chairman of the Federation of Chinese Independent Secondary Schools and former chairman of the Federation of Chinese Schools Association. Rather than the usual upright tombstone, Lim’s head stone rests in a slanted position on some steps in front of his tomb and that of his late wife. A pair of white ceramic angels stand guard on top of the slanted head stone. A landscaped path surrounded by an immaculately kept garden, leads to Lim’s final resting place.