Kek Lok Si Temple – WEST LAKE GARDEN

Kek Lok Si and Nirvana Fund Raising for the Welfare of the Elderly, Orphans and Other Charitable Projects. Building a caring society where love lives in eternity.

Penang’s Kek Lok Si (Temple of Supreme Bliss) earns its noble reputation as a spiritual home that cares for the needy. Following the purchase of the West Lake land, Kek Lok Si takes pride in offering columbarium services for the devotees. All proceeds from the memorial services will go towards a charity and welfare trust for the construction of an old folk home and orphanage.

Life begins with the blossom of care and love. This is how Nirvana upholds it. The columbarium services embody utmost professionalism alongside a harmonious blend of architecture, modern management and environment.

Nirvana salutes Kek Lok Si’s undivided diligence in blessing the needy and has now joined forces to realise the ultimate dream of creating an ideal resting place for the departed souls through the West Lake columbarium. The proceeds from the columbarium services will be dedicated towards the welfare of the underprivileged senior citizens, orphans and other charitable projects in the name of benevolence.


Goddess of Mercy 

Overlooking West Lake Garden is the 36-metre Goddess of Mercy who being engulfed by the good vibes of Buddhism, devotees find a strong sense of belonging around here. In Buddhism, releasing one’s soul from suffering strengthens faith worshipping.

West Lake Garden welcomes guests with endless spiritual emanation from the Goddess of Mercy. Feel the stature of Goddess of Mercy and gain spiritual peacefulness and enlightenment as you seek solace and remembrance of your loved one.

West Lake Garden – where the departed call it home as nature intends

Nirvana Memorial Park (Penang)’s West Lake Garden nestles on the foothill of Kek Lok Si Temple, of the Pearl of the Orient. The establishment is embraced by fetching mountains and charming rivers that conjure up a picturesque ambience. It rides on the luxury of nature given its strategic location that bonds with its natural surroundings. The memorial park exudes the vibrancy of lush mountains and eternal water flow, which is the very essence of Chinese landscape design. The columbarium is coated with ivory white to emanate the grandeur and nobility of the architecture, as if a utopia existed with the help of god, where the departed call it home, in the arms of nature.

High up in the mountains, the echoes of Buddhism mantra resonate with pleasant chirps from the woods, where butterflies help spread the good vibes alongside the tolling bells. Feel the warmth and serenity of the environment as you remember your loved one. This is a place filled with such a dignity yet being resplendent.

Lakeside Garden-styled Restaurant to evoke your remembrance of the loved one

Sentimental value takes centre stage throughout the design of the refreshment area.  The lakeside garden takes a loving companion in the form of an exquisitely designed restaurant. Sitting underneath a parasol with breezes kissing your cheeks, the elation pops up instantly when you feast on the scenic panorama of the waterfront. The sparkles of the lake add shine to the lotus field while a big school of fish frisking through the emerald water. Look up and be fascinated with other wonders of nature. Blue sky, fresh air and chirpy birds, this is the one of its kind sentimental value that West Lake Garden offers.

The alfresco dining facilities come complete with comfy chairs for relaxation and refreshment purposes. Sit back, relax and chow down as you enjoy both the food and panorama. Guests are welcome to take a stroll by the lakeside or relax under a shady tree to further soak up the brilliance of nature.

White means Perfection and Honour 

The very design of the columbarium at West Lake Garden draws inspiration from the concept of ‘white is the colour of perfection’. More precisely, white represents cleanliness, innocence and modesty. By using white as its fundamental colour, it reflects purity, light, faithfulness and holiness. This paves the way for stimulating a righteous mind towards achieving a state of impeccability in Buddhist teachings. Through this, life gets sublimated, purified and set free, spiritually.

The columbarium takes pure white predominantly in its appearance. Every floor and row is established in an orderly manner to perfectly match the exquisitely crafted white roof featuring amazing art forms. The predominant presence of the white backdrop radiates the mural with the sparkles of white jade. And this is further enhanced with the glittering lotus crafts to create a tranquil yet elegant ambience. This suggests nobility and purity go hand in hand as depicted in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss where peace and harmony come together. This marks a dignified final resting place by uplifting ‘spirit of life’ with such a great honour.

White means Inherent Sense of Nobility and Dignity

Chinese culture holds white colour in high esteem because it is considered the colour of perfection. White symbolizes peace, dignity, purity, cleanliness, goodness, calmness and tranquility. In a nutshell, white bears all the hallmarks of positive connotation. For bereavement care, white denotes the highest respect and fondest remembrance of your loved ones. It is the colour that emits the power of calmness and ease, which augurs well for posterity. Architecturally, white exudes a strong sense of nobility and dignity.


A Refreshingly Exquisite Design with Added Elegance 

The columbarium adopts a modern and contemporary design concept. It is a masterpiece that boasts a highly delicate craftsmanship as evidenced by the exquisite carving and engraving details. This earns the columbarium an elegant and majestic impression. Be awe-struck by the sophisticated yet graceful lighting effects the very moment you step into the spacious hall, with the glittering, colourful, glazed crystal glass in company. From interior to the exterior, the overall outcome embodies a perfect blend between the beauty of both the ancient and modern worlds where the essence of Chinese culture takes centre stage.

The overall design portrays an ‘open’ concept to encourage visitors to take on a leisure pace in the embrace of nature. Imagine yourself being caressed by a gentle yet cooling breeze amid a sea of sutra chants. Feel your heart and mind being purified into a state of deep remembrance that bonds the past and your loved ones together, as if time stood still. Put it simply, it gives you a pure spiritual space to pay homage to your loved ones. The spiritually invoking ambience lets you immortalize your affection to your loved ones right from the bottom of your heart.

The Western Three Saint Temple — Gleaming in Sobriety 

Buddhism Western Pure Land takes the prominence of three figures, namely Amitabha Buddha, Goddess of Mercy and Da Shi Zhi Buddha. These almighty figures constitute endless emanation, life and virtue as advocated through Buddhism. Sink yourself into the congenial atmosphere as the mantra whispers to your ears. Western Three Saint Temple blesses the departed with nirvana call while seeking spiritual eminence and good health for posterity.

The very design of Western Three Saint Temple is characterized by a faith-worshipping architecture brimming with sobriety. The gleaming décor that exudes pureness across the air brings your spiritual state into purification and peacefulness.


Western Three Saint Columbarium – Fusion of Traditional and Modern Architecture

The luxurious columbarium adopts a clever mix of ancient and modern architectural hues. Consequently, the development showcases the aesthetic appeal of both worlds. From design concept to materials sourcing and construction, every process embodies the diligence and intelligence of the architects.

The glittering finish further raises the elegance of the columbarium. With the kind-looking Goddess of Mercy emanating endless blessings, feel the warm attachment and a strong sense of tranquility as you pay homage to your loved one.

Inside the columbarium, you will be impressed by the neatly organized compartments where the urns are kept. The palatial furnishings further amplify the grandeur and stature of this establishment, making the departed well honoured. Wonderfully, visitors get to enjoy the spacious relaxation lounge for family gathering.

*All proceeds generated by Kek Lok Si will go towards the development of the shelter homes for the underprivileged senior citizens and orphans.

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