Oriental Villa

A Place Where The Departed Soul Lives In Grandeur, Without Regrets

A signature masterpiece by Nirvana Memorial Park as manifested in the multi-million ringgit, newly designed columbarium, known as Oriental Villa. Oriental Villa nestles on the fringes of the invigorating green hills spurred by emerald streams and lake. The scene becomes intensely poetic with the chirpy birds mingling around as you stroll across the small bridges.

Vintage ambience embraces the columbarium as creativity reaches its peak. Be inspired by the precise Feng Shui settings that exude the beauty and liveliness of this universe as nature intended. It takes your breath away with a visit to a utopia found only through imagination.

Life comes in abundance at this marvelously created vintage Oriental Villa. The beauty of nature earns its respect in the form of harmonizing cultural values and aesthetic appreciation. This is a place where the departed soul continues to live as eternity finds its home.

In an effort to elevate the dignity of the departed soul, Nirvana Memorial Park takes pride in establishing a Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Look forward to treasuring the magnificence of the Chinese stone art that immortalizes endless accounts on the greatest figures of our ancient history.

This is a final resting place where the departed soul calls it home. The very design of Oriental Villa embodies the timeless wisdom of humankind, fit for the ancient emperors and scholars. This is simply a migration of the soul from the living world to a neverland, where the departed soul lives in beauty and grandeur, without regrets.

The Horse-Head-Shaped Roof Structure

The first-phase of Oriental Villa is strongly characterized by the ancient Chinese architecture. One of its key hallmarks is the horse-head-shaped roof structure (called Ma Tou Qiang in Chinese). This unique architectural design sports an inclined pattern of a combination of rafters and eaves.

Jutting out from the corners of the roof, Ma Tou Qiang steals the limelight of the roof design with its horse-head-shaped prominence that adds splendour to the roof, thanks to its visually dimensional presence. Ma Tou Qiang comes in either a two-tier, three-tier or five-tier design. The five-tier design symbolizes the way of harnessing the best vibes from the perfectly present five surrounding hills.

Horse is regarded as a very auspicious animal in the Chinese mythology since the birth of Chinese civilization. There are many Chinese idioms featuring the word ‘horse’ that assert how Chinese adore this great animal. The incorporation of a horse-head roof design makes the overall profile of the ancient Chinese architecture even more impressive.

Standing tall overlooking the tranquil surroundings, the Oriental Villa columbarium befriends a sea of vibrant horses in a dreamlike environment as the design intended. It is a brilliant design that transcends the respect to the departed soul. It is home to eternal prosperity.

Be thrilled by the extravagance of the columbarium, which houses the golden compartments for placing the urns of the departed. All the compartments are orderly placed to provide a graceful and comfortable impression the very moment you enter the columbarium. Most importantly, the columbarium is thoughtfully designed to emanate a strong sense of respect and dignity that the departed soul deserves.

The columbarium adopts the ancient Chinese architecture design to complement the eternal homeland of the departed. This is a tranquil final resting place that offers absolute peace. Every compartment carries a pair of elegantly designed doors when once opened, a light shines, thus rendering a very special honour to the departed soul.

This very distinguished columbarium boasts a proud list of credentials from designing to materials sourcing and workmanship. It is a result of endless outstanding diligence. As a matter of fact, the columbarium can only house a limited number of compartments to answer the demands. Therefore, grab the opportunity to own one of these treasured slots.