Zone NVD

Nirvana’s Zone NVD can aptly be referred to as a “Ru Yi Ground” in geomantic term as its unique shape resembles the traditional Chinese decorative object “Ru Yi”(scepter).  This “Ru Yi” has long been associated as a symbol of abundance and wealth. The direction of this “Ru Yi ground” faces East and having a lake at its front is said to be surrounded and protected by dragons and tigers, thus forming a fantastic view of various “Qi” gathering in the lake.  Besides that, a part of the outfield has a river running through which takes the form of “a dragon delivering wealth”.

A mountain with an average height can be spotted at the East direction which looks like the Chinese word “一” because of its flat and straight horizontal shape.  This mountains also takes on the shape of a sleeping bow, symbolizing prosperity, longevity, and humanity, which also affecting the descendants to be smart and clever.  Behind the same mountain, it consists of 3 more mountains that symbolize intelligence and various high hills that possess astonishing aura.  The “Ru Yi Ground” is a superior geomantic ground that faces East so every morning the first sunray will shine directly to its front side, foretelling the advent of propitious sign.

Master Philip Wong

Zone NVE

The Zone NVE at Nirvana Memorial Garden shelters the cherished energy of the universe (Ling Qi in Chinese) that is resonant of the kindness and tranquility of this locale. This treasured landform embodies the life-affirming energy from the mountains likened to the dragon veins in the study of Feng Shui. Feel the concentration of ‘qi’ (good energy) in the arms of the ‘dragon’ and ‘tiger’ as they effuse a gentle embrace towards you from all directions. This renders a perfect setting for the convergence of ‘easy wind’ and ‘uplifting energy’ as inspired by an ideal Feng Shui. In a nutshell, zone NVE exudes the authority of the departed soul while burgeoning the posterity with fortune and nobility. What a salute to the vigour of life.

Zone NVE nestles in the loving embrace of inspiring mountains with a spectacular sight. The scenic panorama of the mountains is amplified by the charming water. The sweet birds and floral blossoms are simply mesmerizing.  Enjoy the tranquility and sounds of nature as if you could turn back the clock. Be consumed by the feel-good aura that pervades you. This is a natural treasured landform that emanates good vibes.

Zone NVG

Zone NVG at Nirvana Memorial Garden, is a piece of burial land of choice that gathers wind and energy that faces East. The Zone is directly facing an auspicious pond (from Fengshui point of view that contains water which carries the meaning of gathering wealth) and felicitous mountain elements which bring about great fortune and prosperity, passing down prosperity and posterity.

The pavilion with a calm setting environment provides a place for visitors to rest and gather together.   With the compassionate Buddha Statue guarding over, it enlightens and assures a place of eternity life.  The elegant-looking walkway, which is broad in width, eases visitors during their visits and prayers.  The indisputable tranquility would assure customers a relax and comfortable visit where one will only find at Nirvana Memorial Garden.

The Royal

NV Royal is situated at the highest point of the Garden and is undoubtedly the most distinguished piece of burial ground.  Set against a charismatic, majestic mountain, the Zone would surely bestow upon its residents with boundless fortune and outstanding greatness, rendering itself as one of the best plot of burial lands. It commands the ‘Qi’ element and felicitous hilly elements, enjoying its dual blessings due to its strategic location and contours.  Those who secure plots here will have outstanding posterity blessed with honor and prosperity.

NV Royal nestles along hilly topography.  It is imbued with the noble creed of ‘respectability, purity and serenity’, marveling exquisite memorial park designs for the owners.  In other words, the deceased gets to enjoy the sanctity of a perfectly designed memorial park. Exclusively designed and built with only the finest materials, the Zone is endowed with excellent geomancy, peace and honor, thus rendering the place full rating in terms of auspicious elements of Fengshui.

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