Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park (Bukit Mertajam)

Nirvana Multi Asia and Blissful Nirvana join forces
Brand new memorial park making a stately appearance 

Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park in Sungai Lembu, Bukit Mertajam, Penang is just a 20-minute away from the Penang Bridge. This prestigious development marks an inaugural joint effort between Nirvana Multi Asia and Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park where a brand new memorial park is taking shape majestically. Nestled within the undulating hills overlooking a verdant vista, this memorial park commands a tranquil yet elegant environment in a richly endowed land of pure bliss. Many Fengshui grandmasters have affirmed the spiritual splendour of this development, claiming that Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park is possibly the most ideal establishment in the northern region. 

RM30 million for a wholesome upgrade 

Striving for perfection, Nirvana Multi Asia has injected a RM30 million fund to furnish a majestic grandeur into Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park, in terms of architectural, landscape, gardening and service enhancements. The move is to bestow upon ‘life’ the right kind of peace of mind in a tranquil setup befitting the true beauty of nature. This paves the way for embracing a pure land blessed with tranquillity and elegance for the dearly departed while offering a cozy atmosphere to posterity who hold their loved ones in remembrance. This helps redefine the sentimental attachments for added fondness.

Ji Fu Palace

The great columbarium at Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park – Ji Fu Palace, now greets visitors with a brand-new refreshing look to assert its dignified state. Standing majestically in the grand hall are three golden Buddha statues belonging to the Western Pure Land. The solemn figures emanate radiance of harmony and kindness alongside positive spiritual energy. Visitors sink into the state of mindfulness as soon as the sutra chanting is heard.

The very design of Ji Fu Palace speaks volumes about the exquisite craftsmanship in terms of style, detail and the overall artistry. The accompanying sculptures are simply magnificent. The glazed tiles installed on this classic architecture make the columbarium stand out just like that. Both the interior and exterior designs showcase the soul of Chinese art and culture, which are so breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Brand-New Columbarium

Sitting adjacent to Ji De Palace is the Ji De Palace, which boasts a modern design and comes complete with 5-star facilities. The hall design adopts a bright colour scheme spiced up by a sea of colourful glazed tiles. Visitors can feel the ‘sparkle and lustre’ of this establishment right away the very moment they step in. The roof of the grand hall thrills visitors with an open-concept design that allows the natural sunlight to beam through while taking in the cool breezes as the view opens up. This conjures up a natural and harmonious atmosphere in a tranquil yet elegant setting. Look up to the blue sky and soak up the verdant surroundings, the weighty sentimental attachments are easing away instantly.    

The ‘Guan Yin’ statues erected on each floor of the columbarium call for the masses into the open arms of the Buddha, paving the way for a spirited journey into the land of pure bliss. In addition, the spacious and relaxing design makes visiting and gathering an enjoyable experience as you seek comfort in the lord.

Amassing blessings ● Prospering posterity

Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park is wrapped in natural Fengshui settings and boasts a regal appearance as if it were made in heaven. The development embodies a great deal of thoughtfulness, meticulousness and professionalism to emanate an aura of dignity and nobility. The neat and tidy memorial park is visually stunning, thanks to the blossoming flowers and the charming emerald lake where fish roam happily in it. With good vibes permeating everywhere, it just warms your heart and delights your eyes. The quaint picnic pavilion embellishes the memorial park with a very picturesque and lively view. Remembering your loved ones in such a pleasant and relaxing environment is so spiritually rewarding.   

The memorial park draws inspiration from the design of a royal memorial park, combining both the Chinese and Western cultural elements, alongside the aesthetic intricacies of the ancient and modern eras. The exquisite architecture is made perfect with a utopian-like setup, in an environment that commands a superb Fengshui. Good vibes are everywhere and this brings along peace and harmony to the departed. It also augurs well for continued prosperity for posterity.  

Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park’s archway enters Malaysia Book of Records 

An archway tells more than just a piece of art décor. It embodies remarkable credentials of the subject being in the spotlight, from signifying one’s personal merits to academic achievement, trustworthy governance and integrity. Put it simply, an archway adds soul to a building. Temples are adorned with archways to immortalise their landmarks, for instance. The archway of Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park also serves as an ancestral memorial hallmark that commemorates great benevolence and achievements, in addition to honouring the ancestors.

Archways were a symbol of ‘accomplishment’ in the ancient times. The greater the achievement, the more imposing the structure of the archway. Today, archways with auspicious sculptures are regarded as a symbol of guardianship, thus befitting a worship place for seeking prosperity and harmonious wellbeing. 

The archway of Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park aims to propagate and commemorate the magnificence of Chinese culture revolving around and beyond Penang. The majestic and awe-inspiring archway measures 18.29m. (height), 21.95m. (length) and 5.15m. (width). It has been certified as the largest archway of its kind in Malaysia by the Malaysia Book of Records. 

Remembering your loved ones in an elegant and blissful land

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Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park (Bukit Mertajam)

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